1987 – Sarah Duncanson

Episode Release Date:  TBA

Birth Location:  Ballarat, Victoria

Current Location:  Greendale, Victoria

About Our Guest

I am a rural mum of four beautiful children, a Paediatric Intensive Care Nurse and Director of PAEDS education, providing first aid, community education and healthcare training to carers of children with disability.

I have a passion for educating the community to care for kids and prevent injury and accidents, particularly in rural areas where specialised education is scarce. Your postcode should not prevent access to training and education.

I live on a small farm in rural Victoria with my young family but work all over VIctoria including metropolitan Melbourne at the Royal Childrens Hospital. I have the best of both worlds!

I grew up in a large family of 6 kids in Ballarat and lived a happy and simple life. I moved to the big smoke for my dream job and have been caring for some of Australia’s sickest and most severely injured children in the intensive care unit for over 15 years. It wasn’t until I had my own children that I realised the essential need to educate outside the hospital walls as well and prevent kids from having to endure the horrible place that ICU is for any child or family