1985 – Kirsten Diprose

Episode Release Date:  26 June 2023

Birth Location:  Penrith, New South Wales

Current Location:  Caramut, Victoria

About Our Guest

Hi, I’m Kirsten. For most of my life. I have lived “west” of somewhere.

I grew up in western Sydney, in a typical working class/lower middle class, 3 bedroom, brick home. My childhood was pleasant (although we did experience family tragedy, when my Dad died). And I enjoyed my teenage years, which centred around school and the Penrith Plaza (which was relatively new at the time).

I left Penrith to move into the city, while studying journalism. By 22, I landed my first reporter gig – at the ABC. But, to accept it, I had to become a traitor to my own city and move to Melbourne.

These days, I’m a proud Victorian. Ten years ago, I married a farmer, which again landed me west of the city. But this time a lot further from civilisation, on farm near Caramut (3 hours from Melbourne). Life is very different to where I grew up, but I much prefer it here and feel blessed to have once landed “out west” – which must be where I belong.