1971 – Nicki Antonio

Episode Release Date:  24 July 2023

Birth Location:  Geraldton, Western Australia

Current Location:  Northam, Western Australia

About Our Guest

I am a ‘71 baby, born in Geraldton WA. I grew up on a farm east of town, the oldest of four girls. Mum and Dad also had a sheep station about 250km further east. We grew cereal crops, including wheat, barley and lupins. We also had sheep for wool and meat.

I went to boarding school in Perth as a teenager and then to ECU for Nursing. I graduated in 1992, married in 1994, and by the end of the year 2000, I had five boys. My husband, also from a farming family, worked in the bank, so we moved house a number of times before finally settling back on a farm next door to the main family farm.

I worked as a Palliative Care Clinical Nurse, travelling the whole 55000 square kilometres of the Wheatbelt of WA. In May 2020, I developed Transverse Myelitis, and spent three months in rehab in the spinal unit at FSH. Now, three years later, I have retired from Nursing and live life on the farm in a wheelchair. My husband and my boys are amazing!