1970 – Liz Falconer

Episode Release Date:  4 September 2023

Birth Location:  Melbourne, Victoria

Current Location:  Melbourne, Victoria

About Our Guest

Born in 1970, a teen of the 80s. Duran Duran, synth pop, the pastel revolution, the America’s Cup win, Jonathan Sceats sunglasses and wagging school by imbibing cod liver oil. Lived in Perth WA during the 80s and survived the 90s with brows intact. Still wistful of simple, summer days in beer gardens thanks to the worst fake paper ID.

My favourite day of the year these days is Eurovision Sunday with a self-imposed all media and device blackout so I don’t know the winner before the annual grand final. I look forward to sharing a reminisce skipping down memory lane while reflecting on more recent times; where was risotto when I was growing up, when did Frank Sinatra become a much-loved crooner in my eyes and, most importantly, how did Simon Le Bon ever get those leather trousers off after prancing around a stage sweating for 2 hours?