1957 – Rob Cameron

Episode Release Date:  28 August 2023

Birth Location:  Geelong, Victoria

Current Location:  Inverleigh, Victoria

About Our Guest

My name is Robert Cameron and my life has certainly been an interesting journey so far. Born into a farming family at Wurdi Boluc, which is more of an area than a town, famous for the large Barwon Water Reservoir that supplies the South Western suburbs of Geelong. It was a wonderful childhood with so much fun and activity on limited resources, but a 365 acre playground.

I was one of 8 children and in the final year of primary school at the now defunct Wurdi Boluc Primary School, I was one of only eleven students with my two younger sisters. Secondary education was at Geelong Technical School and straight home into agricultural pursuits and then learned to shear sheep.

At the age of 30 I was introduced into amateur theatre and at 33 I was given an opportunity to work in sales. Both of these changes had a significant impact on my life, providing confidence and opening doors that I had never thought possible.