Register as a My Birth Year guest

Thank you for your interest in being a guest onĀ My Birth Year. A few things to note before you get started:

  • Recording of the My Birth Year podversation series won't start until March 2023. At this stage, we are just collecting registrations from interested people. Once we get closer to recording, we'll be in touch to arrange a date and time for our podversation and to let you know about the topics we'll be discussing.

  • We are only taking registrations from people who were born in Australia. The intent of the podcast is to capture what life was like growing up in Australia - please don't be offended if you don't meet this criterion.

  • There is a field in the form below where we ask for a Guest Overview. When we publish each episode, we will be using that overview for the show notes and on the web site as well. Therefore, please don't include anything that you don't want made public.

  • We'll also ask you for a head and shoulders photo in the form below so that we can personalise the episode on our web site and socials.

  • Finally, we will be asking you about specific topics when we get around to recording the interview - we'll send those details through to you beforehand. We would like you to consider those answers before we schedule the podversation so that we remove as many "ums" and "ahs" as we can during the recording.

So, if you are happy with those five points, we would love to hear from you - submitting the form below implies that you agree with them.

Registration form

Please fill in the form below to register for My Birth Year.

PLEASE NOTE: Even though we are taking registrations now, we are unlikely to be recording any episodes until late March / early April 2023. We will keep track of registrations as they come and will be in contact with you once we commence our recording.

If the year you were born doesn't appear in the drop down list, it means that we have already received one or more registrations for that year and don't have space for you this time around.

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Please include your town/suburb and state.
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