So, what is My Birth Year? (Hidden Page)

Thank you for visiting the hidden section of the My Birth Year web site. This page has been created to provide some important information about our podversation series for potential sponsors. Please note that this page is hidden from the rest of the site - if you need to return to this page, please visit

Who is Podversations?

Podversations is a small media production company based in Geelong, Victoria, specialising in conversational podcasts - what we like to call "podversations". We are convinced that many people are sick of hearing the same stories about the same people - the so-called "influencers" that we hear about endlessly, across multiple mainstream and social media channels. At Podversations, we strive to present real stories about real people. Not world-changers. Not media stars. Just normal people, living normal lives across Australia.

What is My Birth Year?

My Birth Year is a 50-episode podversation series where we will talk to a guest who was born in our episode focus year - one episode for each year from 1951 to 2000.

In each episode, we'll spend a few minutes looking back to our focus year before introducing our guest. We will chat about their life, what they remember about growing up in Australia, some of the big news items they recall, etc. In keeping the style we have become known for across Australia, these podversations will sound just like two people sitting in a cafe chatting about life - no heavy advice, no philosophical statements, no trying to sell products to our listeners.

Just a great way to look back and reflect on the second half of the 20th century. 

What are the sponsorship options?

Our preferred option is to find a single sponsor for the entire 50 episodes. This will allow us to fully promote their brand across our social media channels and cross-promote with our other podversation series. It also gives you the opportunity to promote My Birth Year by co-branding the series with your business. If this option is unsuitable, we will also accept expressions of interest to sponsor an eight or sixteen-episode block, allowing for several different businesses to be associated with My Birth Year.

Please check out our Sponsorship page for more details.

Sample Episode

We have recorded a pilot episode which can be accessed by clicking here or by clicking on the button below. Please note that the sponsorship announcement and advertisement used in this pilot episode are illustrative only, included to give a potential sponsor an idea of how their message would be incorporated.

Listen to our sample episode for 1997

Sample Post

For each episode, there will be a post that contains a photo and an overview of each guest.

Click here to view an example of one of these posts.