Welcome to My Birth Year

Everyone has a story to tell. So many factors influence your outlook on life including where you grew up, what sort of family you were part of, where you went to school ... the list goes on and on.

My Birth Year is a podversation series where we will hear the stories of 50 people who were born and raised in Australia. Each one of our guests was born in a different year in the second half of the 20th century - the oldest one in 1951 and the youngest in 2000 as we closed out the millennium.

In each episode, we'll learn about the various news events, music, fashion, movies, TV programs, radio programs and all sorts of other things - all seen through the eyes of our guest.

What year were you born? Has your birth year been allocated to a guest yet?

You can find out by visiting our Episode page. If not, we'd love you to register to be our guest for your birth year - just visit our Register page for more details.  We think you are going to love hearing from our guests! Please follow us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to keep up to date with newly released episodes.